My name is Moon. For three years I have been working with Basha. My husband was not so good. That is why we were divorced. A few months later he realized and has changed himself. This month my daughter and I went back to him after we remarried. This was a big change in my life. We have one daughter, six years old. My dream is to provide a good upbringing for my daughter. I want her to be educated. When I left my husband she was my only hope. I love her the most. I found my own identity after coming to Basha. My family members and my neighbors started paying me more respect than before. I am proud of myself. Before I never believed in myself. I thought I wouldn’t be able to run my family without my husband those few months, but I did manage everything. All of these things happened because of Basha. This is why I’m so grateful to Basha.

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