Moni B.



My name is Moni Akter Jhumur. I joined the Basha office on September 26, 2018. I was unmarried then. Later I got married and I have a daughter. I had a very bad time with my husband. Now I re-joined in the Basha office and living a very good life with my daughter. My daughter name is Moriom. I want see her will go to school in the next five years. My house owner and neighbor love and help me very much. I work in a safe environment so I respect and love my work. I will talk to others women who are in a lot of trouble to join the Basha office. So that they can change their life like me. I like to do stitch cotton standard blanket. The sisters in the Basha office help me. They are very helpful to me. That is why I do not feel alone anymore after getting so many sisters. I am proud of my good work. Thanks to Basha.

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