My name is Mitu. I am a new producer at Basha Boutique. In the beginning I was working in the jewellery section but It is hard for me, so now I’m working in textile department. I’m I used to work at a garment factory before, but I like Basha better and my son can stay at our daycare safely. He is 3 years old and very active now. If someone is in a difficult position and needs a job I will tell her to come to CUP (Children Uplift Program) for sewing training. My husband has left me and my son. I have some physical difficulties; speaking and hearing problems. My neighbours love and help me a lot. Other producers help me to understand different kinds of ornament design in the jewellery section. I like to make beautiful ornaments. Though I have some physical disabilities, I was able to have this job. For this I am so very grateful to Basha.

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