My name is Minu. I have been working with Basha for seven years. I was so sad before because I had many problems in my life, but now I am okay. I usually sew small products here. My two boys are studying well and they are staying safely at SOS Children’s Village. Now they are studying in fifth and first grade. My dream is that my children will grow emotionally and physically, and that they will serve others. Within the next five years, I will try to learn to make new products and I want to have a good amount of savings for my sons. I have some physical problems so I want to be healthier day by day. A few months ago, I saw a woman who was in a bad condition with a small child. I told her about Basha. I brought my younger sister a few years back because she did not have a proper lifestyle and now she is studying in her second year of nursing. These days I have good communication with my relatives. Before they did not talk to me properly, but now because I am doing this job, they come to see me often. Before I would not have believed that, they would love me so much. My husband gives me priority too. I like to sew repurposed-luxe cushions so much. It used to take me longer to finish a cushion, but now I finish within two to three days.

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