My name is Mina. The biggest change in my life since coming to Basha is gaining confidence in myself. No matter what difficult situation comes my way, I can cope with it. I am a single mother. I have one daughter and one son. They are my world. Both are continuing their studies in school. I feel so proud that I can afford their school fees and other needs. In my community people say that my children are the best. They know how to respect others. It’s a wonderful feeling to hear good things about my children. Sometimes it’s very hard for a single mother but Basha helps me a lot. I love to work here. I love to make double, single, king size and queen size kantha blankets. I always encourage our community women who are suffering like I was to come to work at Basha. Because I have changed my life and developed my family, I want them to have the opportunity to change their lives as well.

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