My name is Maya. I joined Basha in 2012. At that time, my daughter was learning how to walk. Now I work better than before. Before I took a long time to finish any product. I like to give thanks to God at the beginning of the day. The office provides opportunity for counseling and it helps us to understand our problems. I have only one daughter. She was so sick two years ago, but now she is healthy. I am grateful because all the staff supported us to do her treatment. My dream for my future is that my daughter Tamanna will study as she has an interest in studying. She can finish her studies and earn for her future. As I had asthma, I want to stay healthy like I am now and I want to earn well. I will tell others to come here for work and training. I can invite someone to work at Basha because their children can stay at daycare while they do their job during the day. I have a good relationship with my parents and they visit me often. My husband was not able to fully support our family financially so I came to the city to work. I make king size kanthas. I like to do big kanthas. I like to do double kanthas too. I didn’t have too much difficulty learning to make them. I can make cotton doubles within five to six days. I do not enjoy sewing kantha scarves. I help others to cut the edge, laying kantha (layering sari’s tautly and basting them together), and more. I am proud that I can do my job and that I am able to help others. I earn for my family.

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