My name is Mala. I work in the textile department at Bahsa Enterprises. My husband was very abusive and drug addicted. He did not to buy food for us. If I asked him to buy food, he used to beat me. I could not give food to my two-year-old daughter. I had no other way except begging. A staff from CUP (Children’s Uplift Program) saw me begging at Mazar (saint’s graveyard). She brought me here at CUP. Now I do not live without food. My daughter is also healthy. I have learned how to behave well. I do not quarrel or fight with others. I take a good care of my child. My husband also has been changed. He attends couples’ meeting where he receives different kinds of teaching. Now he does not beat me anymore. I did not have any dream in my life. Now I see dream for my daughter. Therefore, I have to save money for her future education. I believe God will help me to live a better life through this work.

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