I am Mahi. I have been working here with Basha for 7 months. I love to work here. In these 7 months, I have seen some changes in my life. Before I was very stubborn. I wasn’t serious enough about work and life, but now I have learned how to control myself and respect others. I live at my parents’ house with my one son and one daughter. They are going to school. My dream is to work hard and provide good opportunities and education for my children. I love my work environment and sewing. Sometimes if I see women who need jobs, first I tell them to contact Basha because they can get a dignified job here and will be paid a fair salary.  I am working hard here because I had to struggle in my own life, and I want the best for my children. My children are so happy with my work. In January 2022, when my children came to the office for a picnic, they told everyone, “my Mom works at a beautiful place. There everyone is so good.” Now my relatives and family respect me and respect my job. I completed the 6-month training and did well. During the training period, I learned many things that are very important for my life. Life skills classes are especially interesting for me. I enjoyed cooking and nail art class too. I want to work here at Basha for a long time.

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