My name is Lucky. I have been working here with Basha since 2015. I have changed from the kind of life I lived before. I am having a happy life with my children and husband. Morning devotion is the time I like the most here at this production centre. Children can stay safe with a good education at daycare, and we arrive at home on time. I have two children. My daughter is two years old and likes to sing worship songs with her newly learned ability to speak. She was so sick when she was younger, but now she is eating proper food and becoming healthy day by day. I dream that I will save some money and do something for my children’s future. I hope to develop my life more in the next five years. If other women have a hard time then I will tell them they have a good job opportunity in this office. I help them with food. I brought one producer to Basha. She was having a very difficult time. I am having a better relationship with my husband. My relatives now call us to visit. I make chunky knits. I like it so much. While I make them I think of those who will buy them and love them. I like to do single kanthas too. I can do one within three days. I cannot make big chunky knits, but I am learning how. It takes a longer time for me. I show sister Ambia how to finish her chunky knit well. My husband is behaving better now. Please pray for our family.

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