My name is Lima. I worked with Basha for three years, then was absent for one and a half years because of my pregnancy and giving birth to twin boys. I am now back working at Basha again. I am coming to production with two small children. My children can stay in a safe place at daycare. I like the good teaching in this office. I have three boys. My eldest son goes to school. He studies in class one. It is very difficult to handle twins, but God is giving me patience. I will try to have a good family life, a husband who will support our family, and children who will go to school for their future. I want to earn for myself and help my children to grow well. If anyone has a hard time and needs a job I will tell them to work and tell them to come to Basha for training to work. I am enjoying my work here. My mom wants me to work for my livelihood. I like to sew beautiful kantha blankets. I make standard throw kantha blankets and small kantha blankets. Kantha sewing was not so hard to learn. I do find it difficult to sew king and queen bedspreads. I am proud that I am doing this job. Though my husband does not support me that much, I can handle it.

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