My name is Laky. I have been working with Basha since 2019. I love my work place. I respect my work, and my family respects my work too. I have one son and one daughter. Next year they will go to school, so I am working hard to save money for their education. My past was not good, so when I see women who have the same problems as I had, I tell them about Basha. I bring them to see my workplace so they can work and make a good life like me. After five years, I hope to see a change in my husband’s life. I hope that he will no longer use drugs and that he will work hard to support our family. I love my family, so I want to work to earn and support their needs. I am so happy that customers buy my blankets and that I am supporting my family. I believe that this way, one day, my family’s present situation will change, and I will develop more.

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