My name is Joya. I have been working with Basha for three years. Now I am living simply, but before I used to wear expensive dresses. I like to work in this office with all the sisters and I like the office time- table very much. I want to save some money and have a small tea shop if I get married. I can buy a sewing machine. I want to get myself in a better position in five years. I tell other women to do training at (Basha’s partner organization) Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP) and have a job with Basha. I brought three or four women for training because they can have good nutritious food and can keep their children at daycare. I like to be friends with my neighbours. I usually make single kanthas. I like to do those. I like to do machine work too. I have learned how to handle a machine. I do not feel good to sew, but at least I am having this good job. That is why I am doing it happily. I like to help others by giving good suggestions. I feel proud that I have a job here. I would have been in a miserable life, but God has brought me to this good office. I like to talk with other people and bring any woman patients to the doctor if they do not have anyone to help them. Then I feel peace.

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