My name is Josna. I have been working with Basha since 2014. I am feeling peace now with my family. My husband is learning to support our family better and our relationship is growing. We have three sons. Our two younger sons are studying and our eldest son is working. I like Basha because it provides opportunities for many women. I pray that in the future my oldest son will make a good decision about his marriage. I was previously jobless and we had so many financial problems. My husband is a rickshaw puller (bicycle with a seat for passenger), but now, I do not need to depend on my husband’s income for many of our household needs. We are now able to rent a house here in Dhaka and we are living well. I am working at Basha and the children are staying at Basha’s daycare. They are studying well and learning many good things. My dream is to help my sons to grow and study well. If I see someone in a difficult position than I will listen to her and offer her good suggestions. If she is able to work at Basha, then I will tell her to come for training. I have brought two women here for training. Of them, one woman has left, but another has completed the training and is joining Basha this month. I make all kinds of kantha products. I enjoy sewing kanthas because many people buy them and we earn money. I am proud of my family and my job.

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