My name is Joshna. I have been working at Basha since July 2022. I have two daughters. My husband is not taking good care of us as he is drug addicted. They are staying with my mother-in-law. My life has changed after joining Basha. Before, my situation was very difficult. I needed to earn more money to run the family. Before I used to get angry so easily, but now I am learning to be patient and give soft answers. I like to work at Basha because of the good environment and safety for women. First, I started making a product that seemed difficult. My favorite product is small size kantha. It takes two days to make. I want to see myself as a self- reliant woman. Now I can earn for my family from the products I make. I am proud that I can earn and help my family and I am grateful to Basha for giving me this opportunity.

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