My name is Hosneara. I started working with Basha in 2012. My eldest daughter is now studying at boarding School. I like that at Basha children can stay at daycare. I have two daughters. They are thirteen years old and eight years old. Sristy likes to dance and write so much. My dream is that my children will grow and have a good future. I want to be healthy in five years because now, I often feel sick. These are my dreams. If anyone is in a difficult position, I would help her to get this job or garments work. If she is helpless and has a child, then I would tell her to come here because she needs this kind of facility which has daycare and a good environment. I am staying together with my husband though we have ups and downs in our family life. I make single, small, double, king and queen size kanthas. I think I sew very nicely. I love to sew small kanthas. Within the selected time I can make my products. I find it is hard to make king and queen size, but now I am learning and trying to do them. I help others to finish the edge of kanthas and to cut the ending. I feel proud that I have this job.

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