My name is Hira. I Have been working with Basha since October, 2019. I love my workplace because we all are women and feel safe here. At Basha, I have good working conditions. When I first came here I felt that I have been so neglected. Even from my family I faced rejection because I have two daughters and no sons. My family treated my daughters badly. Now I can feel the value of my life and my family. Now I feel proud to have daughters. My dream is for them to have a good education so they can establish themselves and make a better life. Here I can work freely. I can speak and everyone listens to me. I can enjoy my life now. One thing I love very much at my workplace is that I can celebrate all festivals. I do not get to do this with my family. Everybody loves me a lot. When sewing blankets, the most difficult thing for me was to lay out and baste the sari’s together, but I learned it quickly because everyone is so helpful and lovely. Five years from now I hope that my daughters are doing well at school and that I have money saved for their future. I hope to see myself as a successful woman. When I see any hopeless women, I tell them to work with Basha; that I had no hope but now I do. Now I have a good relationship with my family. My relatives respect me and want help from me when needed. I feel I have empowered myself now. When I started to work here I changed my family situation. Before I didn’t have a bed for sleeping, no stove for cooking and not enough household things, but now I have some of the things I need. My dream for my two daughters is that they will complete their studies and will get good jobs and they will be empowered like me.

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