My name is Hasna. My husband had lots of debt which he could not pay back. We did not have any food. I used to beg to feed my children. One of Children Uplift Programme (CUP’s) staff saw me begging in the street with my children. She brought me to CUP to join their training programme. God has given me a new life through CUP. My family suffered a lot for food.I work at Basha Enterprises in the jewelry department. Now I can provide food for my children. My husband is also working. We have peace at home. Every month I am saving money. During my wedding, my husband gave me many gold ornaments. However, I had to sell them to pay back our debt. I hope that one day I will be able to buy my ornaments again with my savings. My children love to come to Basha’s day care centre. I pray that they will learn good manners here.

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