My name is Happy. I like to work at Basha because its a safe place for all women and children. I can work here with my children. Daycare helps them to learn good habits. It teaches them a lot of activities. I have one son and one daughter. I want to help them make a great future for themselves. As a single mother its very hard to take care of children. I hope to make an example for all single mothers that nothing is impossible if we work hard. I wanted to send my son to Madrasa, but my son loves to come to daycare. He has a lot of friends here in daycare so I changed my decision. I realize that daycare is the best place for my children. I feel proud to work here because Basha treats me with respect. They listen to me very carefully; they value me. I will invite other women who are suffering like me to come to Basha. I will be honored to share my story and photo of my face or my work.

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