I am Eti. I come from a very poor family. I have three sons. My husband is an easy bike driver now. However, he abuses me and is addicted to drugs. He doesn’t support my family. I support my three sons. I love to work at Basha. Everyone loves me and helps me with my work. I successfully completed the 6-month training programme through Friends of Basha and learned how to manage my family, how to be a good mother, and how to care about myself. I feel proud to work here. Here I feel peace. I don’t want to stay home on weekends. I look forward to the working days. When I first came here, I was worried. I attended adult literacy class, and art classes. I love exercise class very much too. I feel so happy as a mother when I can now give my son what he needs on time. When I see any woman who is struggling with her life, I invite her to come to Basha. I share with her about my life and share what kind of mental health support I received at Basha and how I am now in this position. I encourage others to work honestly. I respect my job and feel proud when I see people buy my blanket and pay me the right wage.

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