My name is Dolon. I started to work with Basha June 29, 2019. At present, I have become a mother. Being a mother my life has changed. The Basha working environment is very good and they pay well and on time. Two months ago, I became a mother of a daughter. I love my baby so much. I have no home of my own which is why I stay in a rented house. I dream that someday I will have land of my own by working in the Basha production centre. One day I will build a house with my own income. In addition, I will start a small business. After five years, I want to be happier with my family and my children. I invited my husband and sister to our office and showed them how beautiful our office environment is. After seeing the working environment and facilities my family was more supportive of my work. I am socially and economically fine now. I am very surprised that foreigners use kanthas made from old saris. It does not seem difficult to make any kantha. I help the staff who work next to me. I feel very proud of myself when I see that I have helped my family with my own earned money.

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