Bristy B



My name is Bristy B. I started working with Basha in 2018. I now have a second baby and he is six months old. I like working at Basha because children play here and there. I learn how to work with others without any conflict. I have two boys. My eldest is four years old now. He likes to play car driving. My dream is for my sons to grow well mentally and physically. I want to move ahead with my life in five years. I will tell others to come to Children Uplift Program (CUP) for training if they are in a difficult position and need a job. I told one sister to join here at Basha because she will also get help to lead her life. I can help my father-in-law financially now sometimes. Relationships with my family and community have changed a lot. I am having a better relationship with my husband since I started working at Basha. I am making double kanthas now. I like to do all kinds of kanthas. It was a little hard, but I have learned them well. I can make a double kantha in six days. I help others to finish their work. I am proud of my nice family and my work. Though I was absent sometimes, this office did not throw me away. I want to thank this office that in the Corona time they paid my salary. If I get sick, the office will get information about my situation.

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