My name is Bristi. I started working with Basha in 2012. I like to work here as a producer so much. Now I am able to earn money, I can rent a room in Dhaka city and my daughters are getting a chance to go to school. My girls are studying in class three and class two. They are obedient to me. My eldest daughter likes to dance so much. I am happy for them. I like that Basha thinks about women who are in a bad situation like us. I think that my girls will be growing well and their future will be bright. I pray that within five years I can improve my situation because without God no one can do anything. If I see any woman in a very bad situation, then I bring her to Basha’s partner training progorgramme, Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP) and she can start her sewing job here at Basha. I have brought five or six artisans to work at Basha. I want them to live well. I told them to come here because I received many blessings after coming here. Now my husband says that I have become a different woman than before. During the past eight years my situation has changed a lot because now I do not get angry at my husband. My family members now communicate with me for different purposes. I make king and queen size kantha bedspreads. I usually do these types of big kanthas. After finishing, the kanthas look so beautiful. I think what I am doing is good. If production says that I need to do another product then I try to do that. Often I show other sisters how to finish products well.

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