My name is Asma. I have been working with Basha for six years. My situation is better than it used to be. I can pay our house rent. Before I had to depend on my husband only. He was not able to provide all the family needs. God has given us three daughters. My eldest daughter reads in class five and my second daughter is in kindergarten. The youngest is now three months old. They like to sing songs and dance. My dream is for my three girls to study, grow well physically and emotionally, and in the future be in a good position in the society. Within the next five years I want to pay off all of my financial debts and have my girls doing well in their studies. I want to earn more for our future. We want to have no financial crisis in our family. I want to work well with good health. If I see any woman who is not in a good situation, then I suggest she go to the garments factory, but if she has small children then I tell her to come to Basha. My eldest brother and his wife’s family have problems, so I suggested that my sister-in-law work in someone’s house as a house helper. Because I work here now, our relatives communicate well with us. I do single kanthas because I have a small child and they are easier to make. I like to sew all kinds of kanthas. By the grace of God I am able to do all kinds of blankets. Within the selected time I can finish sewing the products. I take care of my baby and sew, so please pray for me so that I can sew well and earn more for my family.

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