My name is Asha. I have been working with Basha’s Jessore Branch since October, 2019. My husband is blind. When I first came here, I had lots of family crisis and problems. My husband is not able to earn so I tried to find a job in many places, but did not find a suitable place. Now I can see a change at my house. I am earning and supporting my family. I love to work with Basha and one thing I love very much is that I get the right wages for my work. My dream is to be able to give to my children what I did not get in my childhood; good education, good food and good clothing. I try all the time to give this support to my kids. Sometimes I see people who do not earn the right way so I tell them about Basha and tell them how I am changing my life through Basha. People see my face and they see my lifestyle and that I am supporting my family and working hard. Now I have a good relationship with my family and society. Now my family members love me. When I started the six month training, a Basha throw blanket was a very difficult item for me, but during my training period I learned how to sew it very well. Initially sewing was difficult for me, but now I can make all Basha products. I hope customers will buy my products and read my story to see how much hard work I am doing for my family and children. I am the only one who is earning for my family. When I see blankets that are ready to go out of the country I feel proud that my blankets are going to another country from Bangladesh.

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