My name is Ambia. I have been working with Basha for four years now. Recently I am earning a good amount of money from the help of this office. I give thanks for my life to God. I like to work here with other sisters. I like the rules here mostly about time management; that we need to arrive before 8:30 AM and work ends at 5:00 PM sharp. I have two boys. The eldest one is studying in a boarding school. The younger one is studying in playgroup. He can read and write now. I am so happy with them. My dream is that my two boys will grow to be self-sufficient and that they will love and honour other people. Within the next five years, I want to have my own house in the village and stay there. If I see any helpless women then I will tell them about this good office. Since I started work here, my brothers now communicate with me by mobile and they invite me to visit them. I make chunky knit blankets. I enjoy doing this. Many people buy them so I feel very happy. When I did not know how to do knitting, I asked the Basha staff to teach me. One sister taught me how to do this. I am happy for this. It takes me one and a half hours to make a big chunky knit, and one hour to make a medium. Aside from this knitting, I can sew small kantha blankets too. I am proud of the job I do and that I earn by myself. Whatever my family needs, I provide that without anyone’s help. I am grateful to God for this.

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