My name is Chompa. I have been working here at Basha from the beginning. I have run my family so well in the last few years. Starting last month, my husband started taking good care of me which was a big change in my life. We had not had a good relationship for a long time. My dream is to work with Basha as long as I can and live a life by doing worship and prayer to God. I have invited many women to Basha. Basha cares about us and gives us advantages. Basha has a daycare where mothers can place their children and work peacefully. I love to sew kanthas. My favorite product is the two layer kantha. I’m proud of my two children. I have one son and one daughter. I tried hard to give them a good upbringing. My son has his own business now and my daughter is a post-graduate. She is also doing a job and is married to a good man. I’m so grateful to God that He gave me a well-off life.


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