I am Jesmin. I have one son who is studying class eight and one daughter who is studying class nine. After getting married, I came to know that my husband was a drug addict. Then one broker helped me to get a government visa to go to Saudi Arabia to work as a house helper. When I arrived at the airport in Saudi Arabia, I was met at the airport and taken to a home to work for a family of six people. I woke up daily at 5 am and worked until 10 pm. I couldn’t take any rest. They found nothing but faults in my work. After one month I asked for my salary. They said that they had bought me from Bangladesh and the fact that they are giving me food and place to stay is enough and I wouldn’t get anything else. When I protested they bit me, leaving scars I still have. They continued to threaten me and wouldn’t give me my papers.I met another Bangladeshi in a shop where I was buying food. I told her my story and how desperate I was to escape. She advised me that I couldn’t escape without my papers or I would be arrested as an illegal immigrant. She told me to inform the police, so they would rescue me. I did as she advised and was rescued and got my papers back. By the time I returned to Bangladesh, my husband had left me. I am now remarried.Now I am working at Basha Enterprises, receiving love, care and respect that I never got in Saudi Arabia. I am so happy with my second husband and children. I want a bright future for my children. Now I am earning well and able to buy food for my family. I am living in a rental house, content that my family is all together.


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