Patchwork Plaid Tote Bag

Recycled cotton plaid cloth is given a second life as coordinating patches are pieced together for a one of a kind look. Part of our Essentially Basha collection, these tote bags have the same Basha quality but at the best value. Even better, get 20% off when you order 30 or more.


Vintage Lungi


Bag 35 x 37 cm, Straps 37 x 3.8cm

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Meet the Artisans

At Basha, we are privileged to work with many brave and talented women.

Most of our products have the signature of the woman who made it. Find her story here. Show her how you love her product by sharing on facebook or instagram and tagging @bashaboutique, #mybasha, or email it to She will be thrilled and proud to see your appreciation for her work!